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Hennecke HK-270 and 35’ Turntable
Hennecke High Pressure foam machine Model # HKL-270, Built in 2003’. Fitted with an MQ12-4 dispense head. Designed to dispense flexible Urethane foam compositions. 3 - Poly and 1- ISO, 120 gallon day tanks. Robot for In-Mold coating station will need to be supplied by purchaser.
This machine was in excellent running condition at time of shut down. System to include the following:
1 – Hennecke Machinery Thirty-Five Foot, Thirty-two Station rotary polyurethane foam injection line w/three component chemical metering system. (New 2003) Designed for automotive headrest production.
Design Parameters:
Automotive headrest production at three shifts for 22.5 hours/day at 240 work days/year, 85% efficiency, 16 seconds mold to mold time, 36 molds. Believed to be 576 seconds rotation time of table.
1 – HK270 Metering System; consisting of: Day tank module skid, 3.) 120 gallon day tanks - Poly. 1.) 120 gallon - Isocyanate. 110 PSI @ 400ºF MAWP, -20ºF @ 110 PSI MDMT, 1/2” thick Rubatex insulation, Pressure Relief & Rupture disc, Air Pressure Regulator , Vacuum Breaks, Visual Temperature Gages, Autofill/ Level Control, Poly Tanks each w/verticle electric driven agitators. 3.) auto-fill ball valves w/proximity’s low pressure by-pass valves, variable flow rate control, flow meters. 1.) module/skid w/ISO & Poly #1 tanks, ISO Tank w/Tranter Supercharger model CXD-007-H-5-UP59 plate & frame type heat exchanger, S/N Sk198, MAWP ASO PSI @ 200ºF, Polyol #1 tank w/Tranter Supercharger model UXP-100-H-6-UJ-31 plate & frame type heat exchanger S/N SK-200 MAWP 140 PSI @ 140ºF. 1.) module/skid w/Polyol #3 tank, tank rating MAWP 110 F.V. PSIG, @ 650ºF, MDMT-20ºF @110 F.V. PSIG, Tranter Supercharger model UXP-100-H-6-UJ-31 plate & frame type heat exchanger S/N Sk199, MAWP 140 PSI @ 140ºF.
1 – Tempered Water System; w/3) AEC model TCU 100-Q 9.0KW temperature controllers, S/N 34M1316, 34M1315, 34M1314 and 1.) AEC model PSA-10 10 ton chiller S/N 35B0236 (also used to cool the mix-head hydraulic oil)
1 – 3-Component Metering Unit; ISO System w/Rexroth A2VK12 10 hp mag pump, 14 GPM gear pump w/magnetic coupling, polyol systems each w/Rexroth A2VK12 10 hp metering pump, 14 GPM, high/low pressure switches, high pressure hoses 3.) mag drive low pressure feed pumps, anti-vibration motor mounts, variable speed drives, manual valves, pressure & temperature sensors, high pressure pump circuit relief valves rated at 4000 PSI.
1 – Piping Manifold; 20’ high pressure piping for chemical & hydraulic connections from metering unit to Mix-head.
1 – MQ-12-4 Mix-head; adjustable transverse piston, adjustable nozzles temperature sensors at inlet ports, proximity switches, re-circulation of material through Mix-head capability.
1 – MIXHEAD HYDRAULIC UNIT; 20 gallon reservoir, 10 hp 1800 RPM motor, Rexroth 5 GPM pump, 1.) 2 gallon accumulators, heat exchanger, thermostat, low pressure recycle valves, piping & hose connections.
1 – CONTROL SYSTEM; Main operator’s panel console w/color CRT, PC, NEMA 12 enclosure cabinets w/Allen Bradley Power Flex 700 PLC & SLC 5/04 CPU, interconnecting wiring, MMI Software.
1 – Thirty-Five Foot, Thirty-two Station DIAMETER TURNTABLE; 
7.5 hp DC Inverter variable speed drive w/Eurodrive type KF107R77AM213 318.0 ratio gearbox, 2000 Impulse/Rev. encoder for table/robot tracking, mold temperature control PLC control panel, on-board mold water heating system, closed loop piping system, (36) automatic supply valves, (72) manual shutoff
valves, (36) mold temperature thermocouples, 480 volt disconnect, mold space 18” X 24”.

FOB……………………..Toledo, OHIO area.

Addotional 8-12 mold carriers available.

Disassembly and Rigging additional – Ask us for a quote.
Quotation and Acceptances: For immediate acceptance, and subject to prior sale or other disposition, and change without notice. All proposals and acceptances are made with the mutual understanding that orders are not subject to cancellation. Specifications are approximate, intended solely as a guide and are not binding. The shipping date is approximate only and is contingent upon delays or nonperformance occasioned by strikes, accidents, fire and other causes.
Guarantee: None given, machinery is offered, AS is Where IS.
Terms.  1/3 down with P.O. (Non-refundable) Cash in advance, certified check, money order or wire transfer with order. Balance due 7 days prior to dis-assembly. The final balance must be paid within 30 days of receipt of initial payment.
Indemnification: Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Seller of and from any and all claims or liabilities from accidents involving these machines caused by failure of user to comply with Federal, State and Local Laws applicable to such equipment including the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
Removal: Items must be removed within 30 days from receipt of initial 1/3 down.
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All information is believed to be true and accurate. Buyer is advised to confirm all specifications and machine parts and functionality.
It is also the responsibility of the buyer to determine the capability of the machine and equipment for their application. Buyer agrees not to hold seller responsible for inability of this system to perform buyers’ requirements.

Best Regards,
Steve Holding
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